Caledonia Day

The Festival is held each year on the third weekend of October at Ola J. Pickett Park located in the heart of the Town.
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More About Caledonia Day

The origins of the Caledonia Days Festival can be traced back to the commemoration of the Town of Caledonia’s centenary in 2003. Since then, this vibrant celebration has evolved into an annual tradition, taking place on the third weekend of October. The festival unfolds within the picturesque Ola J. Pickett Park, nestled at the heart of the town.

A true family affair, the festival offers a diverse range of attractions, ensuring everyone has a fantastic time. With over 200 vendors participating, the event boasts an impressive array of offerings. From meticulously crafted handmade goods to the creations of local artisans, a dedicated children’s area, and a delectable variety of cuisines served by both local businesses and churches, there’s no shortage of delights to indulge in.

Beyond the vendor stalls, a medley of engaging activities awaits. Antique car and tractor enthusiasts can marvel at the showcase, while a lively pet parade adds a touch of whimsy. Fitness enthusiasts can participate in the invigorating 5k Race, and the air resonates with the rhythm of live music performances.

The Caledonia Days Festival is not just an event; it’s a cherished tradition deeply ingrained in the fabric of the community. Its popularity extends to neighboring towns, attracting increasing support year after year. As this celebration continues to flourish, it encapsulates the spirit of togetherness, shared joy, and cultural richness that defines Caledonia and its surrounding areas.

Over 200 Vendors

There is something for the entire family to enjoy including over 200 vendors.

Car & Tractor Show

Activities like the Antique Car Show, Tractor Show and more activities to enjoy.

Arts & Crafts

Vendors range from handmade crafts by local artists and children’s activity area.

Caledonia Pet Parade

Join in the fun as we celebrate the pets of Caledonia

Great Food

All of the geat food served by local businesses and churches is a Caledonia Day essential!

Live Music

Caledonia Day provides plenty of live music for all participants to enjoy together.